Postdoc Awardee

Dr. Chiwai YU(2011 Postdoctoral) – Syner Wealth Technology

PhD Awardees (12 in total)

Dr. Jack Zhe XU (2020 graduate), Senior Engineer, Huawei, Shenzhen, China

Dr. Yao LIU (2019 graduate), Post-doctoral Fellow, City University of Hong Kong

Dr. Wangchen DAI (2018 graduate) Senior Engineer, Huawei, Shenzhen, China

Dr. Jingwei HU (2018 graduate) Post-doctoral Fellow, Nanyang Technological University

Dr. Biao MIN (2018 graduate) Senior Engineer, Tencent Shenzhen

Dr. Benben LIU (2017 graduate) Lenovo, Hong Kong

Dr. Donglong CHEN (2015 graduate) Huawei -> Tencent -> Assistant Professor, UIC, Zhuhai

Dr. Yao XIN (2015 graduate) Tencent Shenzhen, Senior Engineer -> Pengzhen Research Lab, Shenzhen

Dr. Zahid ULLAH (2014 graduate)- HoD, and Assistant Professor, Pak-Austria Fachhochschule Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology, Pakistan.

Dr. Manish Kumar JAISWAL (2014 graduate), Postdoc, HKU -> Senior Engineer, CPU Team, Huawei Hong Kong

Dr. Will Xiangyu LI (2013 graduate) – Associate Professor, Nanjing University of science and Technology

Dr. Gavin Xiaoxu YAO (2013 graduate) – Hardware Engineer, NXP Co. Ltd., Shanghai, China -> NXP UK.

Research Associate at CALAS

Mr. Frank ZHAO, PG Study, Columbia University

Mr. Pok Yee KWAN, Ph.D. candidate, Imperial College

Mr. Xian YANG – R&D Director, Accoresys, Shanghai, China

Ms. Kangni GUO – Tencent Co. Ltd., Shenzhen, China

Mr. Zhenya ZANG – Ph.D. candidate, University of Strathclyde

Mr. Tam Chu KWONG – Ph.D. candidate, City University of Hong Kong

MSc Project Students

Ms. Kelly Ip (2019 graduate), TBC

Mr. Cooper Tan (2019 graduate), TBC

Mr. Harry Hou (2019 graduate), TBC

Final Year Project Students

Mr. Gabriel ZHOU (2019 graduate), PG Study, University of Toronto

Mr. Moustafa Abdelebaky (2019 graduate), Master Program, CityU

Mr. KL HUI (2018 graduate), JP Morgan, HK

Ms. Claire JIN (2018 graduate), MSc in Columbia University, USA

Mr. Sunny CHAN (2018 graduate), Engineer in EasyLogic HK

Mr. Samson WONG (2017 graduate), Microsoft Hong Kong

Mr. Junjie LIU (2015 graduate), M.Phil, University of Hong Kong

Mr. Dhar DEBARUN (2015 graduate) – CMU Master Graduate, Startup company in USA

Mr. Felix NG (2013 graduate) – Graduate Trainee, Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas)

Mr. Gary CHIN (2013 graduate) – ICT Graduate Trainee, PCCW Solutions Limited

Mr. Bobby TANG (2012 graduate) – Software Engineer, Entone Technologies, Hong Kong

Mr. Kenny MEW (2012 graduate) – Founder, MindLayer Hong Kong

Mr. Frankie NG (2011 graduate) – Engineer in China Mobile Hong Kong

Mr. Barry LEE (2011 graduate) – Project Executive in Green Tomato, Hong Kong

Mr. Qifan HU (2011 graduate) – Software Engineer in LinkedIn, United States

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